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Do you know someone with VD?

Do you know someone with VD?

Chances are that you do!  And it’s important to note that it ain’t what it used to be!  It’s time to embrace these people and let them know that it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

Keep your eyes peeled for people with VD! Symptoms include but are not limited to:

  1. Extra-big smiles in the middle of the day, spontaneous laughter
  2. Hair flipping for no reason
  3. Flirting
  4. The sudden disappearance of reluctance to get out of bed in the morning
  5. Extra energy that you hadn’t noticed before
  6. Gradual browning of the skin that makes you look AMAZING!
  7. A sparkle in the eye that wasn’t there last winter.

Please keep this in mind this winter season.  Vitamin D is THE most important vitamin during the winter!  We can’t get it naturally in Vernon, so you need to get down to BIG SUN for your supplement! Come see what up to 10,000 units per tan feels like, and get ready to feel the effects right away!  What the HECK did you think we were talking about??

Winter can be miserable….YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE!!

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An important massage for our valued clients. As you know, we have had a SERIOUS staffing adjustment recently. You also know, we WILL NOT sacrifice our service standards in order to continue to keep our hours unchanged. This means that we have no choice but to make a few adjustments to our hours. We are VERY sorry if this change affects you, but we will absolutely make it up to you somehow if it does. Please contact me directly if this change inconveniences you and I will do my best to make it work for you. ?? ( I’m the owner, I can do that!) thank you for your understanding during this transition time. We are hoping to return to our regular hours ASAP. Big Sun, BIG LOVE!


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Brace yourself, more studies being released everyday that validate your need for sunshine!

I couldn’t wait to share this one!  Everyday things cross my path about the sun-scare message that is rammed down our throats everyday.  But more and more lately, studies reporting the exact OPPOSITE are funnelling in just as fast!  THIS IS EXCITING FOLKS, cuz I know a few of you still treat your sunshine-time as a guilty pleasure….and it shouldn’t be!

Check out this latest tidbit…it points out the facts (that appear obvious to us) that we have been trying to share for years!  YOU NEED SUNLIGHT FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH!!  DUH, RIGHT?  We all know this, but this is just ONE of the many 100’s of studies that go against  BIG PHARMA’s message that you need to purchase your vitamin D from a drug or vitamin company and avoid the sun at all costs!  Not to mention the serums and potions and injections that cost $1000’s to avoid the dreaded WRINKLE!

Here’s a newsflash…Brace yourself, cuz it’s shocking!  It takes many environmental factors to wrinkle you like a handbag!  Not just sun.  If you burn your skin repeatedly, that is NOT the same as getting a moderate amount of sunshine on your body EVERY DAY…YEAR ROUND!  It’s common knowledge now that your diet, stress level, love life, alcohol consumption…all of it add up to your overall self.  If you are an “early wrinkler” , well then, Don’t tan your face!   But you still need to tan your body!  WITHOUT SUNSCREEN!!!

My kids, my beautiful girls get morning sun everyday in summer and when on holiday…Super healthy, vibrant kids most would agree.  They understand that we have evolved to need sunshine for a reason…we NEED it for the absorption of SO many vitamins and nutrients!  We are like any other living thing…without sunlight…WE DIE!  It’s that simple!

So we know sunlight is good, it is necessary for life.  So how do we get it safely? 1)  We build up a nice base tan (nature’s sunburn protection, built-in, already there, you do nothing, nature did it for you) by increasing bare skin to the sun a little more each day.  (morning is best because it’s easier to avoid sunburn at this time of day) 2) We LIVE, LOVE and enjoy our sunshine SAFELY for the rest of the day always remembering the mantra…SUNBURNING IS AN INJURY TO YOUR SKIN, IT IS NOT A HEALTHY TAN!!  The two have nothing to do with each other and there is NOTHING Healthy about sunburning!  Burning is for dumb people!  Protect your skin from the harsh mid-day sun with shirts, hats, shade…and when you are playing hard…use an awesome sunscreen like Sun Bum (now available at Big Sun) to make sure you don’t get too much!  Paraben-Free, Baby-safe, hypoallergenic, awesome hydration…and it smells like a dream!!!!! We can help keep you safe while you enjoy the Okanagan heat…come see everything under the sun at Big Sun!! The study below just further reinforces the rule…you should NOT wear sunscreen everyday!  It’s not for that!  Sunscreen is necessary ONLY when needing protection from SUNBURN!

So before my rant turns into a full-brown throw-down, I need you to hear this loud and clear.  Keep your eyes peeled at the new research.  Don’t ignore what you are reading.  Ask questions…common-sense questions like, “If the sun was killing people, wouldn’t most of the planet be dying?”  There must be something we are missing…our fear-based society has gone off the deep end scaring people out of the sun because of $$$$$.  Big pharma cannot make money off what is free to you outside…right now….GO!!!!

Sun is life….soak it up!!  (safely) and in the meantime…READ THIS!….closely!

From the article….



Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 9.15.45 AM

The epidemiological study followed 30,000 women for over 20 years and “showed that mortality was about double in women who avoided sun exposure compared to the highest exposure group.”

Researchers concluded that the conventional dogma, which advises avoiding the sun at all costs and slathering on sunscreen to minimize sun exposure, is doing more harm than actual good.

That’s because overall sun avoidance combined with wearing sunscreen effectively blocks the body’s ability to produce vitamin D3 from the sun’s UVB rays, which is by far the best form of vitamin D.

In the USA, vitamin D deficiency is at epidemic levels. Ironically, vitamin D deficiency can lead to aggressive forms of skin cancer. A ground-breaking 2011 study published in Cancer Prevention Research suggests that optimal blood levels of vitamin D offers protection against sunburn and skin cancer.

Additionally, vitamin D protects the body from diseases like multiple sclerosis, rickets (in the young), tuberculosis, inflammatory bowel disease, type 1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus and Sjogren’s syndrome.

According to the Vitamin D Council, researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham recently reported that “lack of sun exposure may lead to cognitive decline over time.”


Bernard Ackerman, MD, (deceased 2008) was one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of skin cancer and the sun, sunscreens and melanoma skin cancer risks.

Below are Ackerman’s views excerpted from an article in The New York Times (July 20, 2004), titled “I BEG TO DIFFER; A Dermatologist Who’s Not Afraid to Sit on the Beach”:

The link between melanoma and sun exposure (dermatology’s dogma) is unproven.There’s no conclusive evidence that sunburns lead to cancer.There is no real proof that sunscreens protect against melanoma.There’s no proof that increased exposure to the sun increases the risk of melanoma.

2000 Swedish study concluded that higher rates of melanoma occurred in those who used sunscreen versus those who did not.


Elizabeth Plourde, PhD, is a California-based scientist who authored the book Sunscreens – Biohazard: Treat as Hazardous Waste, which extensively documents the serious life-threatening dangers of sunscreens not only to people but to the environment as well.

Dr. Plourde provides proof that malignant melanoma and all other skin cancers increased significantly with ubiquitous sunscreen use over a 30-year period. She emphasizes that many sunscreens contain chemicals that are known carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC).

Environmentally, she notes: “In areas where there has been much exposure to ED [endocrine disrupting] chemicals, coral and other sea populations have died off and the prevalence of dual-sexed fish has risen.”

Dr. Plourde’s research on mice and sunscreen exposure also showed increases in both pup and maternal mortality as well as reproductive issues in subsequent generations.

Additionally, the book documents how sunscreen chemicals have polluted our water sources including oceans, rivers and municipal drinking water. Worse yet, testing revealed that 97% of Americans have sunscreen chemicals in their blood!

Dr. Plourde’s book also has a chapter on the importance of vitamin D3 to health, and she posits that the widespread vitamin D3 deficiency is linked to overuse of sunscreen combined with sun avoidance in general.

Big Sun LOVES Moms!

All shapes and sizes, all makes and models, WE LOVE MOMS!!! Like, we are talking TRUE LOVE here!  These women are the backbone of the Country, the cities and households everywhere you look..we wanna help make it REAL EASY to SPOIL ‘EM ROTTEN!!

Give her a gift that truly shines this year!  From a package that will allow her to steal 10 minutes of “me time”, to a gorgeous, sexy new suit, or a dress or some super cute new flip flops…we have that special thing just to say, well, THANKS!  Thanks for everything you do Mom!

big sun - mothers day sign - 2015-05-06

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Our 20th Birthday party was a HUGE success!

Sometimes, you just need a new suit, or a dress, or shorts…or a TAN!  But other times, you wanna party with people who really love you!  We threw a party to celebrate our 20th year in Vernon…and it felt like everyone in Vernon showed up to celebrate with us!  What a huge boost to our motivation.  YOU are the reason we are still Vernon’s largest tanning salon, AND the largest beach shop in the Okanagan!  THANK YOU!  Without you, we are just a regular store….I think you’ll see in this video, we are anything but that!!  Thanks for coming out and supporting us Vernon!