Hey there Sexy!
We are all super excited to see you here on our brand new website!  THANKS FOR COMING!
We want to thank you for your continued support while we have been closed, as many of you have been taking advantage of our curb-side pick-up option.
 We are excited to announce our Civid-19 re-opening plan is being slowly rolled out during the first week of June and we invite you to stay connected on Facebook and instagram for updates.
 We are opening gradually and cautiously so please take a few minutes to read before you dive back in. We’re implementing these policies in order to provide the 
safest environment possible for our 
staff, family &  guests.  
First and foremost, PLEASE don't come in if you’re sick!!! (that means, fever, cough, sore throat, running nose, itchy eyes or are showing ANY other signs of illness.. ) 
Phase 1 will be shopping and retail.
Phase 2 will include tanning once we have figures out a safe way to offer both services.
Ok, so now that you're “in” what can you expect? 
First, please hand sanitize immediately when entering, and continue to 
hand sanitize often while in store.  
We will allow 3-5 customers maximum in the store at one time, doors may be locked if/when occupancy has been reached. 
You don’t have to wear a mask, however it is appreciated. Staff will wear mask/gloves if requested out of a courtesy to those that have contact with at-risk individuals.
 We are only utilizing 2 of our 4 change rooms 
to allow adequate 6 foot spacing between guests while changing. 
When we need to come closer than 6 feet to you in order to adjust your suit, we will communicate with you on the best way to proceed for your individual needs.
Change rooms will be sanitized after each use. 
We ask that you abide by the 6 foot rule while in store.   
Kids toy basket….GONE!  Please leave your kids at home.
Ok heres the hard part, we ask that you keep the touching of merchandise to a minimum. When handling clothing we ask that you try to refrain from touching the hangers and racks as much as possible, as well.  These items are difficult to sanitize, please help us out by allowing us to bring items to the change room for you. 
“Try ons” so, we’re not going to be big meanies and have a strict maximum amount that we’ll allow you to try, but instead we just ask that you allow us to do what we are best at, and guide your selections so that we can keep the number of re-hangs to a minimum.
Please leave unwanted items in your chageroom as normal so that we can steam any products that require it  before placing it back out “on the floor” 
“The winners!” Yay! You found some pieces that you LOVE! (we’re not surprised) Preferred method of payment is tap, so that it is touch-free, however we will be disinfecting the terminal after each non tap use. We know that you love your new pieces, and so temporarily we will not be accepting returns. 
All in-store sales will be final. 
Private Shopping by appointment: We will continue to offer this stellar service!! 
Please call us anytime during open hours to set-up your time! 
Still not sure about being out in public? We will continue to offer Curb Side Pick up!
 We ask that returns come back in the same bag, garments being returned will stay in the paper bag for a minimum of 48 hours before being 
steamed cleaned and placed back “on the floor”) 
These returns will not be examined for condition until this time, so there will be a delay of having available funds for exchange or store credit. 
Also, Please note, our Store hours have changed a bit. We would love  to resume our regular hours, but it is not possible yet. 
We are going to start with Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday's 9:00-noon.
SHOPPING ONLY! Tanning will return in Phase 2.
Our curtsied pick-up is available anytime during these hours…just call us from the parking lot and we will run your items out to you.
We Thank you for your patience, and ask you for your continued 
Patience and support as we move into this next phase safely together. 
This has not been an easy transition for us, as we have done things the same way for 25 sunshiney years.
We will continue to move through the challenges and hope you will contact us directly with any questions or concerns about our re-opening.