Epic Blend Salt Soak - Athlete - Bath Salts - Big Sun Vernon
Epic Blend Salt Soak - Athlete - Bath Salts - Big Sun Vernon
Epic Blend Salt Soak - Athlete - Bath Salts - Big Sun Vernon

Epic Blend Salt Soak - Athlete

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We’ve all been there: brain’s a little more ambitious than body - pushed a bit too hard at the gym, didn’t know your leg could bend that far in yoga…ouch. Ever had to back down a set of stairs because your legs were so sore? Been there.
Sore muscles are no fun at all, but at least they’re a reminder that you’ve moved the needle, so to that we say – Good Job, keep going! Now hop in a hot bath with some ATHLETE SALT SOAK ease your muscles and take pride in knowing that even though you’re sore you’re moving forward.
High fives!

Immediately before or while you are in the bath add desired amount to water and disperse with your fingers. Relax and enjoy. Maybe drink a bit of wine if that’s your thing.
Bathe Responsibly ;)

Not tested on animals

Epsom Salt

Relaxes tight muscle and eases inflammation, plus leaves your skin soft and smooth for the win.

Pacific Sea Salt

Calming and soothing. Bath products containing sea salt improves circulation and helps prevent dry skin.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite has a long history of improving skin tone by drawing out impurities and unclogging pores.

Eucalyptus & Peppermint Essential Oils

Both ingredients are known for their ability to help relieve muscle tension.

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Customer Reviews

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Susan Banerd
Bath salt

I absolutely love this bath salt. The smell was very calming and allowed me to breathe when zi was so stuffed up.

Best after Work or exercise Soak

I am in healthcare and these are perfect fir a fabulous soak after work, helps relax and sooth your tires muscles and smells great .